Quincy Kelly, CEO

Quincy Kelly first discovered his passion for entertainment at the age of six. He realized that he saw life as a continuously film pictured through many different lenses. After earning success in many arenas, Quincy decided to focus fully on his true passion for film at the age of 24. With a desire to be organized and a strong background in business structure, Quincy looks to redefine the business side of show business, while creating projects that leave lasting moments in the hearts of his viewers.

James Johnson, President

After graduating from GA Southern University with a Degree in Management focusing in marketing, James Johnson found his passion for the arts. He is a visionary with an inherent need to create. His energy is felt as soon as he walks in a room and he is rarely seen without a smile. Our clients love working with James because he doesn't stop working until the job is done, and he takes pride in completing his work. He also enjoys long walks on the beach, and puppies.

Racquel Townsend, Production Manager

Racquel Bianca Townsend is an actress originally from Chicago, IL. She graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Columbia College Chicago. Learning from a host of acting professionals and world renown schools, such as Second City Chicago, Racquel has and is continuing to build and mold herself as an amazing Talent. Actress, Model, and VO talent, Racquel strives to push the boundaries of what she can do. Outside of acting, Racquel enjoys doing makeup of all kinds, taking a specific interest in Special effects makeup. She love archery, billiards, and raising her beautiful pup, Emmy. Racquel is a force in this industry and she is Focused and dedicated to her work!

Chandra Lynn Alexander, Director of Community Involvement and Relationship Management

Early on, Chandra Lynn always had a love for the arts and performing arts. During elementary, middle and high school Chandra Lynn consistently participated in dance, prepared verbal communication competitions and theatrical performances. By the time Chandra Lynn graduated from the High School for Law Enforcement and Criminal Justice in Houston, Texas, she gave birth to her first child, a son Johnathon Lee Alexander. She went on to graduate from the University of Memphis with a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Social Work. While in college, Chandra Lynn gave birth to her second child, a daughter, Keandra Michelle Sharp.

Michael Noir,
Director of Photography

Michael Noir was born and raised in Indianapolis. After spending 20+ years as a freelance photographer, Michael moved into the world of digital filmmaking. His love of film and television led him to complete his Bachelor’s degree at Indiana University’s School of Informatics where he majored in Media Arts and Sciences focused on Cinematography and Digital Media. Shortly after leaving school Michael moved to Atlanta, Georgia where he has worked as a Cinematographer, Gaffer, and Editor in over 30 projects.

Michael Finn,

Working as both an actor and a founding member of Thaumatrope Films, he is constantly challenging himself by finding new projects, reading new scripts, or writing his own. Michael is at home both in front of the camera and on stage, and loves to bring a positive energy to the set that is both undying and contagious. Full of drive, ambition, and humor (with a touch of sarcasm), he loves to push limits, erase boundaries, create amazing art, and help people reach new heights. He embraces any chance to work with people who do the same.

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau, Visionary Writer/Director

Jean-Pierre Chapoteau is a visionary writer and director. After attending San Diego City College and studying digital media production, Jean-Pierre has leveraged his education and merged it with passion to create thought-provoking work. He wrote Letoya Luckett's Back 2 Life trilogy, which gained over 11 million views on youtube, and directed Black & Sexy TV's Build a Boo and the Atlanta Black Film Festival 2018 nominated I am Not Charlotte. With the goal to push strong minority roles to the forefront, Jean-Pierre Chapoteau continues to create bold and beautiful narrative content for underrepresented people.

Barbara "Bobbie" Dyce,
Producer/Director of Culture Development

Barbara Dyce has gained valuable knowledge through experience while assisting in Los Angeles at various post-production facilities, she has been able to work on several successful projects, including the Sopranos, CSI and various commercials. He also has extensive experience editing squeeze credits for TNT’s and TBS’s prime time content. Most recently, Dyce has produced several short films in genres of historical drama and comedy, all dealing with social issues in some capacity.

Caleb Butler,
Post-Production Producer

Caleb Butler is the Founder of Theophilus Media Productions LLC (TheoMediaPro), where he functions as the Creative Director. Caleb grew up in Detroit, Michigan with his parents and 4 siblings. As a young man Caleb was very forward thinking. He often found himself in leadership positions among his peers and dreamed of one day becoming an entrepreneur. Caleb also spent a great deal of time reading and writing short stories and quickly developed a love for creative storytelling. One of his favorite films as a child was Rocky. Caleb particularly resonated with the idea of the underdog turned into champion concept. He loved the idea that anyone from anywhere can accomplish great things through hard work and determination.

D Antoinette Shine,
Technical Writer/Production Coordinator

D Antoinette Shine has always had a love for the arts. She has been singing since she can remember, but her love for the art of acting is no less. Over the years, she has been blessed with the opportunity to perform in several musicals, theatre productions and independent films. Working with 1 Accord Media has afforded Ms. Shine exceptional opportunities to expand her skills both on the page and behind the camera. Between co-writing a short film and serving as a production assistance, filling in wherever needed, Ms. Shine has absolutely loved her experiences. She looks forward to contributing to more impactful, profound work, both on and off the screen.

Karlton T Clay,
Lead Writer/Producer

Karlton T. Clay has always loved to write. He began writing at a very young age, but it wasn’t until his time at Davidson Fine Arts School in Augusta, GA, that he began to get involved in production and realized his desire to use his gift of writing as his career. However, on March 18th, 2002, at the age of 16, Karlton was diagnosed with acute lymphoma leukemia. Instead of succumbing to this terrible disease in his life, Karlton decided that he was going to persevere. During his time in recovery, he grew closer to his family and strengthened his relationship with God. Also, from this experience, VICTORY PRODUCTIONS was born. Karlton graduated from Davidson Fine Arts School in 2004, and went on to graduate from Georgia State University in 2008, with a bachelor’s degree in film and television production. Under Victory Productions, Karlton has written, produced, and directed several theatre productions, short films and 12 web series. His shows have won awards at several web festivals. Karlton is also a published author, with his four-part book series entitled, “As The Earth Spins,” and he is the creator and editor-in-chief of VPN MAG. In everything he does, Karlton hopes to remain true to who he is and be a beacon of hope that will inspire others to follow their dreams. His motto is, “Grow as you go,” which springs from his favorite scripture, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” (Philippians 4:13)

Otis Freeman,
Lead Photographer

Otis Freeman is versatile photographer finding his passion at an early age as he found a way to preserve important life moments. Attempting to the difficult skill of mastering the art of Photography through different genres, Otis has become well known artist for his creative visuals and indept relationships. Leading him to found VisionHD, a full service photography production company based in Atlanta, GA. Otis's expertise has produced major partnerships with 1 Accord Media, Chamber of Commerce, and Southeastern Council of Foundations just to name a few.

When Collaboration Meets Destiny

1 Accord Media is the parent company to Bridge Builders Productions and Barely Adult Comedy. Founded by Quincy Kelly, James Johnson, and Erinn Jones, 1 Accord Media looks to broaden the possibilities of positively impacting lives. Whether it be through working with you to bring your idea to life, capturing a moment at a photoshoot, or challenging the audience to grow while viewing one of our original projects, our goal is to leave a positive impact on you.


Barely Adult Comedy

Barely Adult is a professional content creation group. Founded in 2016, Barely Adult has already seen success after winning awards such as best new variety comedy. In its young life span the company has managed gain writing contracts with several industry professionals. At Barely Adult Comedy we believe we are trailblazers known for not only thinking outside the box, but redefining what the lines are. Contact us today!

Bridge Builders Productions

Founded in 2014 by Quincy Kelly, Bridge Builders has stood behind a firm belief that we are only able to get a far as the people we are able to help. As we climb the ladder of success we are sure to lift up the next person on the journey. Bridge Builder Productions has seen success through the development of its short films and television pilots through distribution deals and festival nominations. The Bridge Builders team would like to walk beside you from the beginning of your idea to the final cut to ensure your project is done at the highest caliber. Creating moments is what we do! We look forward to helping you do the same!

Let's Work Together.

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